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Day cruise 7 / 8 hours of sailing, stop to eat on board a cold lunch with typical Apulian food and good wine 

If the wind blows from north west or from south, is reached TORRE A MARE, a village of fischerman. On the route of the return we enterd in the small and old Bari's harbor , to admire the imposing old building of the city, the promenade, the Basilica of St. Nicola, the ancient boats of fischermen and the prestigious nautical circles. If the weather permits, we will swim in the green water. Stop with the anchor, to the shelter from the winds, we will eat the typical Apulian foods and good wine.


Day cruise 7 / 8 hours of sailing, stop to eat on board a cold lunch with typical Apulian food and good wine 

If the wind bows from north east is reached Giovinazzo, a marvelous and romantic natural harbor, with the romanic Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta leaned out on the sea. Crystalline water invites to long swims. It is very beautiful and romantic to be in the boat to eat, to listen good music and to admire the old buildings with the white store

Two or three days cruises

With wind that blows from North East, Azzurra reaches Trani, the most beautiful natural harbor in Puglia, a source of inspiration for beautiful photo shoots; Trani in the daytimes reflects the rays of the sun, and at night shines the lights of the lighthouses .

Overlooking the sea, will welcome us the Cathedral of San Nicola Pellegrino, the most beautiful and impressive example of Puglia's Romanic art.

The evening is nice to walk in the old town, entirely built with the famous "white stone of Trani". The night life, with the live music venues, and the temples of culinary art, are the charm of beautiful Trani.


With the Mistral, Azzurra reaches the wonderful charming romantic Polignano a Mare, a village of fishermen , built on high cliffs and the caves, from the natural terraces of Polignano you will be able to admire the Adriatic Sea, the sunsets and the houses excavated in the rock.

We will be in the elegant and comfortable Cala Ponte Marina , where you can rent bicycles, go to the historic center, where many artists and singers animate the long nights. 

Swim in the beautiful waters of Polignano a Mari and Trani, will be the most beautiful memories.

Five day cruises

Sailing along the Coast of Gargano in the North of Apulia, you will find the most beautiful beaches in Italy: La Baia of the Zagare and the Mattinatella Beach, with the caves and fishing construction the TRABUCCHI, which are part of monumental heritage.

We moor in the Marina of Vieste, a city on the sea that offers cultural, hystorical and fun attraction, including Santa Maria Assunta's Cathedral, the romantic corners, the modern equipped beaches and nightclubs. You can enjoy fresh fish and homemade pasta at restaurant overlooking the sea.

By renting scooters and cars you can reach other two pearls of Gargano : Peschici and the UMBRA Forest.

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